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Launch Pad

Launch Pad     

Training for strategic innovation, value capturing, and business creation


Catalize is a 10 week program covering building up a new business utilizing the assets you already posses and people you’ve already connected with. An opportunity for up to 10 students to have team and individualized business coaching on how to either have a product ready to build a business around or have a business they would like to scale and grow. Selected students will commit 1.5 hours every week (30 minute team check-in, 1 hour coaching session) plus time to build up a business. Through this program, you will walk away with the skills and resources to build the venture you are envisioning.

Creative Space

Creative Space aims to provide students with an open time and space to come and work on innovative and creative projects for both school and personal. Students participating in Creative Space are given an environment to research and develop their projects while also growing their skills and collaborating with others.

Creative Space will be hosted in the C3 from 1-4pm on Tuesdays following the Speaker Series.

Side Hustle University

Side Hustle University is a 6 week program designed to help you start a side-hustle or leverage your current side hustle to build more value for yourself and your customers. The program will help you start identifying the activities, skills, and practices that can help you make the most out of your side-opportunity with minimal investment and time.

The Practice of Entrepreneurship

The Practice of Entrepreneurship is a 6 week program on how to build up your capacity as an entrepreneur by focusing on the 5 practices of entrepreneurship. Most entrepreneurship is taught as a process which know to be false. Entrepreneurship is actually a series of practices that help create the mindset, attitude, and drive to be entrepreneur. Through this program you will build up your ability to add value as an entrepreneur no matter what role you play.