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Center for Creative Collaboration (C3)

The Center for Creative Collaboration (C3) is committed to drawing out, building, up, and refining each student’s unique value. We focus on self education and self development based 3 principles; who you are, who you know, and what you know. These principles help create a base for your knowledge and allow you to gain an idea of what direction you need to go in to accomplish your goals.


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Enactus: The Power of Social Entrepreneurship
By Andriana Nyametei
Biomedical Engineering


“13 of the 50 universities FORBES recently named the most entrepreneurial in the country had ENACTUS Chapters. With a membership of about 70,000 students in 36 countries, ENACTUS prides itself in providing a platform for students, business leaders, and community members to work collaboratively to bring social change.”

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10 Life Lessons I Learned From Attending C3 Speaker Series
By Alfredo Smith
Business Administration


“Last semester, I got the chance to sit front row and experience the C3 Speaker Series. I would love to share my experience on how I connected my personal vision with the message I received from the ten amazing professional speakers.”

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Fashion, Engineering & Engineering to Innovate Children Literacy
By Kudzanai Karawira
Digital Graphics & Design


“Tim Hostetler is a Manufacturing Engineering student at Indiana Tech. Together with Fashion Marketing students they came up with the structure components and design of the Literacy Book Blanket after a local community partner addressed the need for such a useful material.”

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